Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Sorry Is All That You Can't Say

Today the Prime Minister of Australia, on behalf of the Australian Government and the Australian People apologised to Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for the stolen generations and the pain and suffering caused to these peoples by Australian Government policy in the past. I would like to add my voice to that of the Prime Minister's in saying sorry to the indigenous peoples of Australia - not because I had anything to do with those policies, but because as an Australian of European descent, it is my culture, my economic system and my system of government that was responsible for these atrocities. I live, work and eat food grown on land that's original inhabitants were forced off and murdered. I live a comfortable and privileged life based on an economic and governmental system that has exploited and demeaned these peoples for the past 200 years, and for that I am sorry.

Today's apology is only a symbolic gesture, but it is an important one. Now that the wrongs of the past have been acknowledged, I hope that my country can move more quickly towards true equality and respect for all Australians, and especially those that have been here the longest and have born the worst of what our history has offered.

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taz said...

Now if only all the ignorant people in the world could reach a state of mind like yours corruption would have far less power